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    As an integral part of the ongoing IT work, we keep records of your IT to support the planning and upgrades (as well as    recommendations for such) and keeping track of software licenses. We also maintain and update documents and graphs for the office floor plan, detailing the location of machines, users and networking points etc.


Our engineers follow a check list for their Maintenance work.

  1. Talk to the office contact person and ask for problems/pending issues
  2. Check Events Logs on servers and correct any serious errors
  3. Empty the event logs
  4. Check that all computers are visible in Symantec System Center and that all online computers have up-to-date virus  definitions
  5. Run Microsoft Update in Express mode
  6. Check backup log for last backup job. Fix problems if any
  7. Search for junk files (games, EXE:s, installation files, music, video, pictures). Move junk files to the user’s C: drive and teach the user the difference between private files and company files. If the user doesn’t understand then inform Eric
  8. Search for big files (larger than 20Mb). If you find any then inform the user how to reduce file size.
  9. Make sure each drive has at least 10% free space
  10. Exchange: Check the administrator mailbox and clear it after checking.
  11. Make Acronis /Ghost image of the ENTIRE SERVER to external USB Hard Disk

End of the month job for all SERVERS

1.       Schedule a defrag of all drives

2.       Make a test restore of some random files from the latest backup

Backup, Restore and Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

Depending on the customers need and budget we can provide everything from a full (BCP) business continuity plan including off-site offices to more simplified backup procedures including ongoing test restores on random folders for the safety of business data.


What do we do?

For the systems

- Regular Site visits:

- Check Antivirus Updates

- Check Microsoft System Updates

- Check machine performance.

- Clean disk of temporary files.

- Disk De-fragmentation.

- Review Event Logs (for Servers and Windows XP PCs)

- Networks and Infrastructure are secure.

- Backups are being performed successfully.

- Server and network health checks.

For the Users

It is remarkable to see how a user that is well supported performs more confidently and successfully in their job.

It shows in their work performance and proficiency. As part of our service, we can show users:

- How to do tasks faster

- How to use advanced program features

- How to organize their day and there work better

- How to embrace IT and use it as a tool rather than a challenge[a2] 



- Annual / 6 month report can include:

- System / Network infrastructure topology

- Purchases

- IT Inventory

- Individual Machine Problem / Change History Log

- Recommendations for improvement to get the best from the IT

- Hardware loan replacement

- In event of failure we can provide loan equipment until replacement is sourced.

 - Failed Hardware Insurance (Free Hardware replacement)

- If your systems warranty has expired this ensures you don't have to pay anything more for when something fails. It's just like insurance but for your computer.

24/7 Coverage

- Call-out at any time (day or night) for emergency situations.


- Consulting or discussion at any time.

- Fast replacement for standard hardware.