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We provide full-service Communication Infrastructure Provider with the resources to design, implement and maintain structured cabling systems and equipment from facilities analysis and engineering to installation and maintenance.Our experts offer a full range of needs and risk assessment services that will improve your communications and keep you on top of the latest developments in industry advancements., such as:


  • 40Installation of any type of networking:
 -     LAN Cat 5 / Cat 6
 -     Fiber Optic
 -    Telephone Cabling
 -    Wireless / WiFi / WiMax High Speed Wireless
 -    Microwave / Line of Site

  • Configuring and installation Internet services:
    -          Leased Line
    -          xDSL / ADSL
    -          ISDN
  • Configuring of WAN links, routers and intelligent switches.
  • Network topological planning and network device recommendation.
  • Full end-to-end cable testing and guaranteed work.