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There are a number of factors in internet selection and procurement including: 

Speed vs Guaranteed speed

Some ISP's are overcrowded.

Different services offer different guaranteed speeds.

Not every ISP is good in every physical location (according to media) 

Reliability, including ISP Choice, Media and Backup Media

ADSL is great for home, but not always for business

G.SHDSL is more reliable and Leased line tends to be the most reliable.

Backup links can be implemented such as Leased line with ADSL backup to ensure internet service continuity


Time for installation + activation

Some ISP's take 2 weeks, others take a week etc.


Hosting Access for Email/VPN or other services, including Dynamic IP vs Fixed IP

If you wish to have access to your files or email from outside your office then you will need a Fixed IP.


Contract renewal

Many ISPs will renew your contract at the same price, even though year on year their cost prices come down.

Let us help you to find the right ISP, with the right package. We can negotiate as an IT company and get you a lower price without any affect to service.

Internet in Thailand

The rapid growth of internet usage can lead to extreme
bottlenecks, if the provider is not quick enough in advancing his net development. The lack of data transmission rates,turns surfing the internet into agony.
It istherefore helpful to be able to fall back on recommendations of friends and acquaintances. The price should not necessarely be the primary criteria for your choice of provider. readmore...